Dr Amanda Sterling

Leadership Coach and Consultant

Amanda is a neuroscience-trained coach and business consultant who works with organisations to advance their leadership and gender equity goals through a research-backed approach.

Dr Amanda Sterling completed her PhD at the University of Auckland in 2023. Her research explored the experiences of embodied mothers in leadership, and how those experiences (e.g. of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and care of very young children) could challenge normative ideals of leadership and open up greater opportunities for the inclusion of women in leadership roles.

Before commencing her PhD, Amanda worked in corporate leadership development for large global and small local businesses. She was recognised globally, and received an HRNZ award in 2016, for her work leading a community of people and culture practitioners to re-imagine and act differently around humanity at work. She is also the author of ‘The Humane Workplace’, a book about how social technologies can, and should, make our workplaces more humane.

Amanda is passionate about supporting women (especially mothers) to reach and thrive (not just survive) in leadership roles. Amanda is a mum herself, lives in Titirangi, Auckland and enjoys reading, gardening and surfing.

Amanda has an amazing skill of helping people to discover their innate leadership abilities and skills.

Let’s work together to advance your organisation's leadership and gender equity goals.