Advance your leadership and gender equity goals through a research-backed approach.

Dr Amanda Sterling
Leadership Coach and Consultant

Organisations are struggling to recruit and retain women in leadership, and women are struggling to stay.

While current approaches to address this are well-intentioned, it will be a long time before we achieve gender equity, particularly within senior leadership. Backed by world-first research, Dr Amanda Sterling uses a focused approach to supporting women in leadership, leading to better outcomes for women as well as for the organisations that employ them.


Engage and inspire

Invite your senior leaders to explore the research and engage in conversation about leadership and gender equity. Be inspired about new possibilities for leadership inclusion.

Measure and map

Understand the impact of your current leadership inclusion initiatives. Get a road map for improving the recruitment, retention and representation of women.

Develop and deliver

Empower ALL your leadership (men and women) with the self-awareness and practical skills to reform leadership in more vulnerable, connected and inclusive ways.

Amanda is a fantastic person to know, an expert in her field, and always only a call or a message away for support.
Global Support Centre Manager

We know that having more women in leadership is important, not just for gender equity but for businesses and public service organisations to successfully address the challenges they face.

There is already enough research to show that organisations with greater gender diversity are more profitable and outperform those without.

However, despite setting targets around representation, and considerable investment to achieve these targets, most organisations are still struggling to close their gaps, and some areas are going backwards.

Dr Sterling’s research backed approach reveals a pathway forward for organisations, and the leaders within them, to advance their leadership and gender equity goals.

Where organisations won’t just benefit from improved outcomes around retention and recruitment, but also from greater engagement, innovation, complex problem solving, and customer responsiveness where people feel they can bring the diversity of their human experiences into their leadership roles.

Hi, I'm Amanda

I’m a neuroscience-trained coach and business consultant who works with organisations to advance their leadership and gender equity goals.

Working with me is unique because:

  • My PhD research is the first (and only) in the world to identify a missing piece in the leadership inclusion puzzles. It highlights a need to challenge and change norms of leadership to recognise and support the embodied experiences of women.
  • My approach is backed by rigorous and relevant research. I’m across what makes current initiatives (e.g. flexible / part-time work and leadership development programmes) successful (or not). I also apply research informed approaches to assessing and developing leadership capability.
  • I traverse the worlds of research and practice. I’ve had a career in organisational development (leadership development and culture) and can link the rigour of research with what people need to put insights into practice.
What I offer is the opportunity to advance your leadership and gender equity goals through a research-backed approach.
My PhD revealed how embodied experiences are critical to both the leadership limitations these women experience as well as potential sites for emancipatory expressions of leadership that include mothers, women, and anyone else who doesn’t fit within normative discourse.
Dr Amanda Sterling

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She Owns It Support Community for NZ Women in Business

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HRINZ Innovation Award Winner 2016

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